It’s Getting Hot In Here

“Everybody be quiet! I think someone’s coming!”, Spoon yelled out to everyone.

“What do we do Spoon?”, asked one of the Belgian coffee cups.

“Just act natural”, Spoon assured them, having been through this a thousand times.
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The mood was just right for love. The lights were low, Barry White was playing off in the distance somewhere. ~ My darling I, can’t get enough of your love babe Girl, I don’t know, I don’t know why Can’t get enough of your love babe ~ The sweat was still dripping off of us,… Read More Spooning


Ahhem. After an alarming, appalling, atrocious and altogether awful attempted axe attack, amazingly and astonishing all are alive and apparently alright. All available agents are attending, as are an advancing arial assault assembled after an ambiguous arrangement among all American allies. Adiós, arivaderce and adieux.


He regretted it the first time he sat down, the moment he tried to express himself and felt that cold, unfriendly glare looking at him….as though staring right through his soul.  For years, before his friends convinced him that it was time to move on, they had been together and he was able to convey… Read More Comfort