I’m just a Canadian with a blog. What more could you need to know….well I guess I could also mention that I’m a nature and animal lover, but that’s all you’re getting out of me for now.

What better way to get to know me than to read about a few of my favorite things.





2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m new here. What’s the name of your rabbit?

    No one likes the name I call our little white one with red eyes. “Cwazy,” as in “Cwazy Wabbit,” but I think he likes it when I call out to him.

    michael j
    conshohocken, PA USA

    1. Thanks for dropping by Michael, it’s always a pleasure to meet new people through my blog. I would love to tell you her name, and as strange as this is going to sound, I’m writing it and it seems strange to me, I don’t give names here. Even rabbits names, ha. She is a sweet heart though and one of the joys of my life. I apologize if it seems weird for me to withhold the name of my rabbit, its not a huge secret or anything, just a silly rule I’ve given myself.

      Again thanks for stopping by, I will have to have a peek around your blog when I get the chance, I love finding new and interesting blogs to read. Again, welcome and I hope to run into you again.

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