Picture Me Rollin’

Yeah — clear enough for ya?
Hahahahaha. Yeah
Hehehehe. Why y’all look mad?
Y’all supposed to be happy I’m back!
Y’all bloggers look like y’all wanted me to stay off the internet, hahah!

Sorry, let me turn the music down so we can chat. Picture this.

You’re in line at the grocery store.  Only one more person ahead of you and then you’ll finally be able to get home and cook dinner.  It’ll be a miracle if you get to eat before midnight.  You look down at your basket of groceries, double checking that have the proper number of items for the “express” lane.  “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7, 8, 9.  All good”, you think.  Then you lift your head and notice that someone has just stepped ahead of you in line!  “What the hell”, you say to yourself.  “Ummm, excuse me?”, you say with a stern tone. It does no good though because the jackass in front of you doesn’t even acknowledge you.  He just steps up and the cashier begins ringing his purchases through.  Flabbergasted, you turn to the lady behind you in line, sure that she’ll be just as annoyed as you are about the whole situation.  Before you can even finish your 180 you catch someone else stepping in front of you from the corner of your eye.  “Unbelievable”! Fed up, you take a step forward and stand as close to them as you possibly can.  “Let’s see somebody sneak in front of me now”, you mumble.

This is what I, and many others go through every day. Hell, you probably go through it too. If you’re shaking your head no, then I hate to say it but, maybe you’re the jackass?!? I’m not actually talking about being in line at the grocery store, I mean people aren’t usually that much of an jerk when you’re face to face. Plus I think groceries have a calming effect on people or something. Maybe its just me. What I’m actually talking about is what people do behind the wheel when they’re merging from one highway to another. Specifically when there’s twenty cars in one lane and no cars in the other. The reason? It’s written all over the highway. Namely those signs that state “this lane ends”, which is why a considerate person doesn’t drive to the very end of the lane before even attempting to flip their turning signal on and forcing their way in. I mean, you wouldn’t do it in the grocery store would you? At least I hope you wouldn’t, cause if you did I may need to rethink our over the internet friendship here.

I’m pretty good at dealing with it, unlike some of the people I see who do some crazy things while they’re in line. It’s as if they think they’re the driving etiquette police. I guess they’re not aware that driving half in their lane and half in the soon to end lane to keep anyone from passing them makes them look pretty idiotic. Now luckily I’m a pretty calm person in general, so i spend a lot of time just shaking my head at other drivers. And since I spend about three hours a day driving, let’s just say that I shake my head a lot!

Anyway, let me turn the radio back up so I don’t scream at the jerk in front of me…

Can you see me now? Heheheh
Move to the side a little bit so you can get a CLEAR picture
Can you see it? Hahah
Picture me rollin


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