Say Hello To Sugar

This is Sugar.  Sugar, everybody.  Everybody, Sugar.

We’ve met in my backyard a few times over the last month.  Mostly just a quick, “Hey, how’s it going?”.  She stays on her side of the yard and I stay on mine……but, Saturday she tried to come in the house when I opened the patio doors.  Since she was feeling so friendly, I thought I’d say hello!  I know it may seem like I’m a little crazy about animals, but I assure you the feeling is mutual!

Now, at the moment I have no bird feeders, bird baths, or anything like that.  We do occasionally throw some bird seed on the grass in the backyard, which brings a few Mourning Doves, as well as a handful of other birds.  Generally, they are fairly cautious and will fly away if you get too close, which comes as no surprise.  My surprise comes from this healthy, and apparently happy dove who has decided that she wanted some human friends.  She’s come back to the house a few times in the last couple days.  She will pretty much stay for as long as my girlfriend or I will sit with her.

Now I don’t know how common it is for Doves to be this friendly, I can only go by the doves I see in my backyard.  And this, is the complete opposite of the way every other dove that comes in my backyard behaves.  Oh, and when I say this friendly, I should point out there is some stuff that I couldn’t show in the video because, well I couldn’t block the faces out, which sucks.  Needless to say she seems to enjoy climbing on people and walking around on their back or shoulders……or head.

Hmmmmmmmm, I think I may have to go house hunting after work………..birdhouse hunting that is!


17 thoughts on “Say Hello To Sugar

  1. LOL – Amazing!

    The closest I have ever gotten to a dove was when one escaped from a wedding party down the street and decided my window sill was the perfect place to chill.

    I can never get close enough to the ones that wake me up at the buttcrack of dawn to figure out whether I want to feed them or choke them – smart birds, doves.

    Is that a wild song bird blend you are feeding her?


    1. I haven’t gotten within 10 feet of one before this! I was wondering how “normal” it is for one to be so friendly…

      The food we’re feeding her is the generic mix that we got as a free “gift” from some store down the street when we bought our new house. My girlfriend had the choice between a giant bag of bird seed or a free refill of our propane tank…………I have no idea why, but she took the bird seed! God love her.

      1. I would have taken the seed too – smart lady friend you have there!

        I am thinking that the wee dove must have been noticed and hand fed before it was old enough to know ‘better’ and that there may be a senior out there somewhere wondering what happened to their little friend over the winter…

        She does look healthy – and as you said, happy (and rather plump if I may be so bold) maybe some of the neighbors opted for the bag of seed as well?

        If you get the birds at just the right stage they are goofy enough to think we are ok to hang around with.

        I noticed that a lot with the newest batch of cardinals this year – their parents already knew where the crazy seed lady was (and I am sure I am not the only one btw) so they were pretty eager to get a free meal for the kids. I don’t blame them – bumper crop of winged wonder this year…they must have been exhausted if they were eying me as a potential foster parent.

        I just wish the chickadees would teach THEIR kids that it isn’t nice to poop on the nice seed lady…


        1. You may be on to something there with somebody else having cared for her before. It’s funny, she seems smaller than the others, but as you said, there’s no doubt she is pretty plump at the same time.

          Judging by most of my neighbors, I would imagine there were one or two that may have taken the seed over the propane. Not many, but one or two.

          Now the funny thing is that although I fed her the seed that first time (in the video), she seems more interested in just hanging out with us than actually eating anything. I’ll just sit on a chair in the backyard and she’ll wander around at my feet. If I move to the other side of the yard, I swear, she will mosey on over, a little running, a little walking. Trying to not seem too eager I’m sure, haha.

          Either way, she is lovely and extremely sweet. That and she has refrained form pooping on anybody yet, which is a giant plus.

            1. I will be sure to check that out, and I’ll brace myself for the ensuing sadness…

              I’ve never been a big bird person, don’t get me wrong, I loved Big Bird as a kid, who didn’t. What I mean to say is, birds as pets are something I just can’t fathom. If ever there was an animal that was meant to be free this is it. To cage a bird is wrong on so many levels in my opinion. So to have a wild bird that acts this way is eye opening. I have a new respect for them after seeing the way they behave up close and personal now.

  2. I have my own experiences with birds – mostly negative though. And mostly pigeons, who have a tendency for using my balcony as their little porta-potty. 🙂

    I wouldn’t mind so much if they stayed to socialize. Maybe. But they always turn tail and fly off whenever I open the door.

    Maybe if I didn’t wave a broom at them? Do you think that would help?

    1. Hmmmmmmmm, you know, I think there might be some sort of connection between you waving a broom and them flying away……….I’m not sure what that connection is yet, but if I figure it out I’ll let you know!

  3. Animals do seem to have a sense of who and when they are safe. I have had one Robin let me pick it up from its perch on a fence and a seagull once sat beside me on a park bench for a long while. I was in a very peaceful mood both times and they seemed to know it.

    You love animals, JM, and they love you.

    1. You’re absolutely right Roger. They do seem to sense when anything is wrong and quickly take action about it. Personally I would have been the one feeling “unsafe” sitting on the bench beside the seagull. They can be QUITE aggressive. At least the ones we have around here.

      1. The seagull and I just sat quietly for a long while and watched the tide and breakers come in. Actually the seagull stood on the bench, but it was very well-behaved and relaxed.

        I think we were meditating together.

  4. Oh, wow! Sugar is…WOW! She does seem to be extremely trusting, huh?

    Yup, a bird house for sure. On my patio though, the birds tend to use the outer rim of one of the planters I have here as a bird bath — it’s kind of funny watching them “dive” in and flicker around. But they fly away the minute they even think someone’s watching them from a window. They must be shy (ha!).

    Hugs to Sugar!


    1. Yeah, she is a little trusting……..and getting more so all the time, haha. I swear, I can just be standing in my backyard now and she’ll come flying down and land on my shoulder. Cool, but freaky at the same time, hahaha.

  5. I have quite a few doves in my backyard, but none will get close to me. I think it’s because the dogs rush through them to chase the squirrels. I just sit inside and watch them in the birdbath.

    So cool that you have her eating out of your hand!

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