Random Thought Thursday

Some random thoughts that have crossed my mind this week.

  • I had the pleasure, okay so pleasure may not be quite the right word, of feeling my first earthquake today.  I was at work, standing around chatting with our receptionist Suzie.  I could hear, or sense, the mirrored doors of the closet next to me shaking.  I’ll admit I didn’t think anything of it until Suzie got a freaked out look on her face and asked why her desk was shaking.  My first thought was that someone was banging or dragging something on the floor above us.  Then I realized that there was no floor above us, hahaha.  I remember somebody, Suzie/Me/My Boss saying what is this an earthquake or something?  I didn’t really give it any serious thought until about a half hour later when Suzie came over to my desk and told me that there was an earthquake in Ottawa.  Needless to say it’s not like it was anything major where I was, which is probably why it seemed pretty cool to me!
  • I wanted to say I was coining a new word today.  And that word is……….Sheeple!  Unfortunately like everything else good, it’s already taken.  So I will have to make my goal to have spell check recognize it.  Oh spell check, it doesn’t pass your test….yet.  But there will come a day when you won’t underline it with your squiggly red line!  Mark my words.  Oh, and just to clarify, that would be people behaving like sheep, as opposed to sheep behaving like people………hmmmmmm perhaps I can come up with a word for that!  Baaaahhhhhh
  • As many of you may know, my bunny died a little while ago.  Every since my office moved to its current location 3 years ago, I’ve seen bunnies outside the back door.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching 3 generations of bunnies there, as has my girlfriend since she cleans our office on the weekends.  I see them every day, a different baby bunny every year, although rarely more than one per year.  This particular bunny has become the buildings mascot in a way.  All of the smokers are always looking out for him, and have even named him Buttons.  He is well-loved by all of us.  My girlfriend is always asking how Buttons is doing since I see him almost every day.  Just this past Saturday I took this picture of the two of them.  When I went in to work on Monday somebody told me they heard the bunny died.  Of course I said NO, he couldn’t have, I just saw him.  From what I gather the maintenance guy saw fluff and feathers and stuff all over and so far, Buttons has not been seen since.  I’m kind of in denial that he might be gone, I still look for him everyday.  Because I’m not entirely convinced, my brain is more convinced than my heart is at this point, I haven’t had the heart to tell my girlfriend yet.  When she asks about Buttons I just say I haven’t seen him.  I’m dreading having to tell her, and praying that I see him again and he’s alright.  I’ll be extremely sad if that is the end of our many generations of office bunnies…
  • Summer is less than a week old, and already I’m hearing the complaints that it’s “too hot”.  This coming quickly on the heals of “it’s raining too much” and “it’s too cold”.  Is there a season where Canadians don’t complain about the weather???  If so, is it coming soon?
  • I saw something that I don’t remember ever seeing before while I was driving.  Well, at least not to the extent that I saw it the other day.  I was driving to work on the highway, 2 lanes each way.  There were cars in each lane, both going the same speed, followed by another car and me.  This other car was obviously in quite a hurry, surprise, because he was swerving back and forth between the lanes anytime he thought one was going faster than the other thinking he might get to pass.  I was staying a little ways back for my own safety.  Eventually the lead car in the passing lane slowed down to go into the other lane behind the other lead car.  Quickly Speedy moved into the opening up lane so he could pass……..but before he finished passing he did something that made my mouth hang open!  When he was about 90% of the way passed the other car he jerked his wheel and swerved into the other lane, inches from the car he’d just passed, forcing him to slam on his brakes to not get hit.  All of this at 100 km/h!  Speedy then jerked the car back into his own lane and floored it to about 150 km/h.  It was the equivalent of getting frustrated with someone and shoving them and then running away……except in speeding hunks of metal.  Scary!  Something needs to be done about the deteriorating respect drivers have for each other, not to mention the raw anger that comes as a result of the most minor situations.  I’m open to suggestions…
  • I’m calling it right now.  The Raptors, who will have an entirely new team next year, will win the NBA Championship!!!  Even if you think I’m wrong you won’t be able to prove it for another 11 months, thus to you I say, “NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa” while covering my ears!
  • I apologize ahead of time for the sheer volume of bunny talk, haha.  My girlfriend has recently put a garden in our backyard, so we finally have SOMETHING in the yard.  Well a couple of gardens actually, one of which is a vegetable garden.  There are so many different things in it, multiple types of lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, corn, herbs, watermelon, strawberries, and much more.  Apparently the bunny that lives near us decided to eat ALL of the spinach one night.  He didn’t touch anything else.  The next night he ate a couple of tiny corn plants…..nothing else.  Next night, half of a strawberry!  He left it attached, I can only assume in the hope that a) we wouldn’t notice, and b) it would continue to grow.  All I have to say to him is DIVERSIFY bunny!  Don’t eat all of one thing every night, spread it out a little, geez!

10 thoughts on “Random Thought Thursday

  1. I have a suggestion for your aggressive/annoying driver problem. Actually, I have a few.
    – Rocket Launchers. These can be mounted to the chassis of your vehicle and disguised as harmless pipes that discharge fast projectiles which explode in harmless, yet permanent disgusting paint colors.
    – Oil slick producer. Mounted to the rear of your vehicle, this option utilizes recycled engine oil and dumps a large slick, causing the following vehicle to spin wildly in circles. Unfortunately, this requires you to be in front of the subject.
    – Smoke screen. This is an option that can be added to the Oil Slick Producer. It contains an ignitor which lights the spewing oil producing a dark and noxious cloud which the following driver will have to drive through.

    1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

      I was thinking of something that wouldn’t cause problems for the other cars around the dangerous driver….so the Smoke Screen and Oil Slick may be out. But, the Rocket Launchers of paint may be something to look into Abe! I’m liking the creativity, haha.

  2. Earthquakes happen all the time here in Cali — yeah, they are pretty cool, except when they’re not!

    The Raptors? Pahleeze!

    (Roger and Abe toook care of the other subjects..hee!)

    1. Yeah, we don’t get a whole lot of earthquakes up here, certainly the first one I’ve ever felt. I agree, they’re cool until they’re not!

      Oh, and with respect to your Raptors comment:


  3. LOL!

    I have a darling bunny in my yard right now – !

    He is eating the dandelions in a most precise way…

    Oddly enough it is the same way he used to eat my beet greens and my early carrot fronds *fumes gently*

    I love this little man – how could I not?

    He is dapper and cheeky – clever and (dare I say) witty even.

    I’ve not cared for a garden in three years (torture to me – but there is a story there)

    So I have let the yard – uh – ‘go’
    (wow did it ever lose respect for itself fast!)

    In so doing *grin* I have been able to provide shelter and an abundance of organic and nutrient rich food to my beloved bunnies and birds…

    So – uh – what is my moral here I wonder?

    ‘Sloth’ has benefits?

    Maybe I should re-think this aimless comment…?



    1. Awwww. Adorable.

      I think that they most definitely appreciate your “letting the yard go”. One of the things I’m trying to work on in my backyard, there’s just no good hiding places for rabbits right now. Birds, now birds are going to be the subject of my next post since I had one touch my heart yesterday…..and today.

      As to the moral of the story, I think the moral is that it’s not sloth if you’re helping others…….it’s passive generosity! Hahaha.

      Thanks for sharing your story, it was more than enough to put a big smile on my face!

  4. I truly truly TRULY hate winter. As each year goes by, I find myself hating the next winter more than I did the last. So if we ever sit down over a beer together, you’ll never EVER hear me complaining about the sun or heat.

    I love this weather! Even the warm rain.

    Everyone in my building felt the earthquake but me. Of course, I was probably off in ADD la-la-land, not even registering the vibrations all around me. *shrug* These aren’t really earthquakes we’re experiencing anyway. My impression of a *real* earthquake involves a visual of those plates beneath us really moving around, causing apartments to sway and telephone poles to come crashing down.

    We’re pretty lucky that we don’t have *those*.

    1. I’m kind of the opposite, I think winter is growing on me. I don’t seem to mind it as much as I used to. I mean, when I was a kid it was GREAT, but after that it sucked. But I’m not minding it lately.

      As far as earthquakes, yeah I’ll be more than happy if the biggest one I feel is one where you have to really pay attention to notice that you’re even having one. You would miss it though, wouldn’t you, haha.

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