Friday 5 for June 18th

This comes from Friday 5 and this weeks topic is Snacks!  After reading these over, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no way I can answer these without sounding like I eat nothing but junk.  I mean, who eats rice cakes and carrot sticks when you’re at a fair, or watching sports?  Come on now!  So don’t judge me, and I won’t have to come to your house and judge you!

1. What are your movie-snacking habits and preferences?

Popcorn of course, with butter, although not dripping with butter.  Cookies, which I’ve explained my… for before.  Chips.  Really something different every time.

2.  What are your late-night snacking habits and preferences?

For some strange reason, and I don’t know if this is just me but, I love to have cereal late at night?  I’m not sure if that’s strange, but it sounds strange to be eating “breakfast” cereal at night.  I’m partial to Oatmeal Crisp, Life………and Golden Grahams.

If I could go back in time, I would have stocked up on Cookie Crisp.  Is there a greater cereal out there?  I mean cookies and milk is a pretty common combo, but cookies IN milk!  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Oh, and I’d also pick up a few boxes of Boo-Berry!  As far as I know they don’t make either anymore, at least it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen them in Canada.  So if any of my American friends want to send me a box, I will forever be grateful!

3. What are your sports-watching snacking habits and preferences?

Oh, this is where the good stuff is!  Nachos, Chili, Wings, Pizza…..I’m sure there’s something healthy that should be here too but, I’m drawing a blank on that.  Hmmmmmmm.  I’ll mention that with the exception of the pizza and wings, anything else that gets eaten in this section is going to be homemade.  Nothing like homemade chili, simmering for hours……and hours.  For the nachos I may be a little picky.  Not with what goes on them necessarily but, with how they are arranged.  Okay, that sounds odd but, what I mean is that you can’t just pile a bunch  of nachos on a plate and put your cheese and toppings on top.  There has to be some layering otherwise you end up with 70% of the nachos that have nothing on them.  If you’re going to do it, DO IT RIGHT!

4. What are your lonely, rainy afternoon snacking habits and preferences?

Rainy afternoon snacking, eh?  Wow, I really can’t think of a specific thing that I eat as a snack on lonely, rainy days….

Have I used cookies already??

5. What’s your favorite carnival/fair snack?

Ummmmmm, can’t say I go to a lot of carnivals or fairs…..

Hot dogs perhaps?  Cotton Candy, although the last time I had that was [insert large number here] years ago!  I know when I go to Canada’s Wonderland, even that has been a long time, that I LOVE the funnel cakes with strawberry’s all over them, MMMmmmmmmm so good!

Why can’t they ask what you snack on when you’re having your grandparents over or something?  I mean, we’re talking a wide assortment of veggies and dip here.  Nobody asks about that though do they!


5 thoughts on “Friday 5 for June 18th

  1. Aaah, this one is a bit fun (thought I sometimes hate giving out so much info, but here are my favs:
    1) Movies: Popcorn with butter (lots) and Sno-caps!
    2) Late-night: A slice of cheese usually or tortilla and cheese
    3) Sports-watching: whatever he’s having (depends on game)
    4) Lonely Rainy Day: Chocolate Cake. Period.
    5) Carnival: Fried Dough!

    Woohoo! Making me hungry..good thing I ran today! Ha!

    Oh, and I don’t think they make cookie-crisp cereal. But I see it at the grocery store, I’ll pick it up for you. I was a Frosted Flakes girl myself. And a Sugar Pops kinda chic. Sugar and milk –gotta love it!

    1. Okay, that’s the third time this week I’ve heard someone talk about Sno-caps……….forgive me but what exactly are Sno-caps????? Basically I need to know what I’m missing out on here Carmen!!

      Don’t tease me about the Cookie Crisp! That would not be nice. I even like the commercials they used to have for it in the 80’s. Ummmmmm, so you gonna send me some??

    2. Sorry, now that I reread your comment I realize that it was probably supposed to say “IF I see it at the grocery store, I’ll pick it up for you”.

      Damn it! So close….

      1. Sno-caps are these chocolate a link to a pic for you: they were made by nestle’s and I’m sure you’ve seen them — but they are basicallyl chocolate chips with white little bubbly things on them. So delicious! I don’t know if they make them anymore and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them…

        But yes, IF I see Cookie Crisp Cereal I’d be happy to send it to you — do they make them any more though? I mean, I don’t visit the cereal isle anymore, but I will next time I’m in a “real” grocery store (I tend to shop at Trader Joes and they don’t carrry commercial products).


        1. Okay, I have seen Sno-caps before, it’s been a while though. As for the Cookie Crisp, I just looked around and it seems that they do still make it. It’s no longer made by Nestle, instead General Mills makes it now. Apparently they’ve even introduced new flavors (Double Chocolate, Sprinkles), although I’m old school, so I’d stick to the original flavor myself.

          I love this line from Wikipedia:

          “In October 2009, Cookie Crisp was made available in Canada, in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, after years of being banned by Health Canada. It was banned because it promoted cookies for breakfast, which was originally thought to be an unhealthy message to send to kids.”

          Unfortunately it was only a limited time holiday promotion. This explains why I only ever got it when my parents went to the states, haha. Soooooooo, if you do happen to see it in the store…….


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