Armed & Dangerous

I woke up Saturday morning, and did the usual stuff, brush my teeth, shower, etc.  Like anybody else who uses technology I then proceeded to grab my cell phone……sorry, Blackberry……do people call Blackberries cell phones?  Anyway, I grabbed my Blackberry and checked my email and such.  At one point I tried to click on a link in one of my emails and it did……nothing.  After trying the same thing over a few times, because I figured that was sure to make it work, I ended up bringing up the menu and selecting “Get Link” instead.  More work but the same result, kind of like getting up to change the channel on your TV when the remote stops working.  Yes, you can change the channel without the remote.  Shocking, I know.

Back to my story.  I went to the linked page and it started to load………..then it continued to load………..and then it continued some more.  After a couple of minutes, I’m certain that the number of minutes I waited wasn’t that high but it sounds better than after 17 seconds, right?  So after those long minutes I finally gave up and pulled the battery on it.  Which was easy since the back on my cell phone Blackberry doesn’t actually stay on.  Well I shouldn’t say that, it stays on as long as you don’t touch it……or look at it funny.  So I pulled said battery and put it back in, then I waited.  Once again I waited for a couple of minutes, this time I’m fairly certain it was indeed a couple of minutes.  The red light would come on, then the screen would go white, then black.  Then the red light would come on, the screen would go white, then black.  Then the red light would come on, the screen would go white, then black.  I’m sure you get the idea.  Suffice to say my blackberry decided to retire.

I was actually kind of pleased, which was most likely apparent since the extent of my trying to get it to work was the battery pulling.  I figured, an entire weekend without my cell phone Blackberry!  Now that would be nice.  Nobody making me work, nobody asking questions, nobody asking me to come over and help build anything.  Just peace and quiet!  Ahhh, that sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Of course there were a few issues with not having a working Blackberry, stuff I hadn’t really considered.

Such as, I couldn’t check my email.  Not my work email, damn the Blackberry for keeping me in contact with the office at all times and in all places, but my personal email.  I do like to check my personal email from time to time, there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’ll skip to Sunday night here so that I can mention the other things I missed about it.  When I went to go to bed Sunday night I normally plug my Blackberry in to charge it, and at the same time it acts as my alarm clock…….that was going to be a problem I realized.  Time to dig out the old alarm clock and set it up, you know, the one that sometimes doesn’t work and has the most annoying sound when it wakes you up.  On a side note, whoever thought of putting that sound on an alarm clock should be locked in a room with one that goes off every 10 minutes……..forever!

Then I woke up Monday morning and, after showering I went to get dressed.  What would I wear?  “I wonder what the weather is going to be like today”, I thought.  Crap, guess I can’t check it on my Blackberry like I normally do.  I’m certainly not going all the way downstairs to turn the TV on and find out.  Guess I’ll just look out the window.  Looks sunny and warm.  Tip for you, looks can be deceiving.  Oh it’s sunny and sort of warm, until about 11:00 when it gets cloudy, windy and cold.  Needless to say I wasn’t quite prepared for that.

Despite those minor setbacks, well, those and constantly reaching to use my Blackberry and discovering all over again that I don’t actually have it.  Despite that, it was nice to go without it for the weekend.  It’s probably a little easier for me than some since I’ve only had a cell phone or “Blackberry” for about 2 years.  Before that I was hands free……..and ear free.  I rather enjoyed it I’ve gotta say.

Monday morning I went to work and they decided to get me a new one, hip hip hooray.  Mine had more than a few “issues”, which isn’t a surprise since I always got the hand me down ones from colleagues who were given the latest and greatest models.  Not this time though, this time “I” was getting the newest model.  It only took about 2 hours of being at the Rogers store to get everything done, and yes, the “only” part of this sentence is sarcasm.  I had no emails when I left to go to the store and 30 when I got back!  After a quick scan of them about 10 were “I need to know right now” type emails, and another 10 were “Why didn’t you answer me, it’s too late now” emails.  Always the way.  I could sit and watch my email all day and get nothing, but go a couple of hours without access to it and the world is coming to an end unless you answer this email in the next 2 minutes!  Too late!  BOOM!

Oh well, today is another day.  And today I’m armed with a brand new Blackberry!  And the back even stays on all by itself!  Now I just need to figure out how to use everything on it, hahaha.


10 thoughts on “Armed & Dangerous

  1. OOooooooohhhh! I just got my first High Fiveing, sitting on the patio drinking Budweiser, your post is super-awesome video! I wish I had some idea what they were yelling…..unfortunately I didn’t have the sound turned up.

  2. Wow–I think the biggest lesson I learned was how to put some restraint on myself regarding my cell phone. Same sort of thing happened to me a few months back and I was without it for quite some time. I realized my panic during my “down-time” without it and realized something had to change. I hate being addicted to something — even if everyone is. Attached at the hip. The only thing i want to be so addicted to is chocolate. That’s it. And even that I do in moderation!

    Oh, and here’s a secret: stop answering everyone’s emails so quickly and they’ll have less expectations of you. I know it’s work, but unless you’re on the verge of curing cancer, or answer the question of the universe, it can always wait a bit. Re-train them. Right now you have everyone knowing you’ll get back to them ASAP so they expect nothing less…. take care of you! I did it, and it really does!

    1. I definitely wouldn’t say I’m addicted to it, although most people I know who have one seem to be. I spent 30 years without a cell phone and was quite happy, even proud to not have/need one. So the 2 years that I’ve spent with one pales in comparison. I was quite happy to go without it this weekend, and the parts I missed most were the alarm clock and weather, which are easy enough to get elsewhere. I’m not normally a “stay in touch” kind of person, so not having phone/email really is a blessing as far as I’m concerned. I mean if someone “really” needs me they could call my home phone, right?

      I do tend to answer work emails quickly, but usually just for certain people. If it’s outside office hours I’m just as likely to ignore it till the morning as I am to answer it right away, even if I’m not doing anything I like to pretend I have a busy exciting life sometimes you know? Inside office hours is another story. It’s funny you should mention that though, because when I was lucky enough to get a “brand new” Blackberry I was told, “You better answer your emails real quick now!”, hahaha. You have a point though, the expectations they may have are because of how I act, so to change their expectations I need to change.

      1. Oh, now I get it! That makes sense. I don’t use the alarm or check it for weather at all. I do use it for my calendar, texing and emails — but….everything else I get from reading the paper. So that makes sense! I misunderstood. Hahahaha! Sorry!

  3. Congratulations. I think.

    My group used to be the product managers for Blackberrys for our large organization. As such, I was obligated to wear one, and I have to tell you: I *hated* the damned thing. Too many people could get hold of me at all times.

    When the product management function got given over to another group, I was never so happy to give something up as I was then.

    1. Thanks. Since I had a piece of crap one before and now I have a working brand new one, I’ll accept your congrats. Although, I agree with you, too many people can get a hold of me at any time. Not my idea of “good”.

      I’m sure you were crushed when they gave that away to another group, eh? Probably fought tooth and nail to keep it, haha.

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