Friday 5 for May 14th

As always these questions come from Friday 5.  The theme this week is………Cookies…..Yum!

1) What is absolutely the best cookie you’ve ever had?

There is no question about this one, no argument, no comparison.  My Grandmother makes the greatest cookies in the WORLD…….okay, I may be slightly biased on that.  She makes these 2 layer cookies with raspberry in the middle and icing on the top that are out of this world.  The only time she makes them is at Christmas, when she gives a tin of them to everyone as gifts.  They are always fought over, everyone trying to hold out on opening their tin for as long as they can out of fear that someone will dip into it.  My dad always gets the biggest tin and we always steal some of his while he’s got his back turned, ha.

2) What is a cookie you really don’t care for?

I’m not very fond of these.  Something about the flavor I just can’t get past…

3) What are some other cookies you are rather fond of?

Home-made peanut butter cookies, home-made oatmeal cookies…….now that I think about it, I’m fond of pretty much any home-made cookie.

4) Grocery-store cookies are, of course, never as good as anything that comes out of someone’s kitchen, but what’s a packaged cookie that’s still pretty good?

Peek Freans!  I’m talking mostly about the “Fruit Creme” ones but, lately I’ve enjoyed the far healthier “Blueberry Brown Sugar” and the “Cranberry Citrus Oat Crunch”.  Mmmmmmmmmm.

5) In general, do you think cookies should be chewy and gooey, or should they be crispy and crunchy?

I think both have their place, and I do enjoy both.  But if I was forced to choose just one or the other……..I’d probably have to go with soft and chewy.  There’s just something about a chocolate chip cookie that almost melts when you pick it up.


3 thoughts on “Friday 5 for May 14th

  1. Ok you’ve captured one of my obsessions. Cookies. Especially ones you can buy at Starbucks and Second Cup. In both places: chocolate chip cookies. So creamy and chocolatey and moist.

    And filled with about a zillion calories or so.

    I consider it a good week if seven days can go by without my buying one.

    1. MMMmmmmmmm

      I’m afraid to tell you how many different kinds of cookies I bought when I went grocery shopping this week. Needless to say it was FAR too many, like “I’m not sure I have enough fingers on my hands to count them all” too many…..but they were on sale……and I am having that kind of week. Normally I’m a little more controlled when it comes to cookies and such, but not this week. DO NOT go grocery shopping when you are sad……I think it may be worse than going when you’re hungry! Bad things can and will happen!

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