Gone Fishing!

I’m going to be taking a short break from writing my blog.  How long of a break?  That I’m not sure of, it may be a couple of days or it may be a couple of weeks, it’s hard to say right now.  I’ve just got some unexpected things that I need to deal with.  I may or may not still read blogs and all that other stuff, I haven’t figured that out yet.  I missed my “Random Thought Thursdays” this week so I’ll throw a couple of random thoughts into this last post.  Consider this the “Negativity Edition of Random Thought Thursday Friday“.  This about sums up my week:

  • Why do adults act like such idiots when they get behind the wheel of a car?  It seems to be similar to the way many adults act like morons when they are on the internet.  It must have something to do with the feeling that you’re anonymous or, in the case of driving, safely separated from everyone else.  I think a persons true ways come out when they are in these situations, kind of the way you may say what you truly feel when you’ve been drinking.  The other day the bridge I take to work was shut down because of an accident and all hell broke loose, so to speak.  I sat in traffic for hours and watched as people drove on the shoulder of the road to pass the hundreds of cars who waited like normal people.  They drove on the shoulder until people who were waiting patiently started driving half on the shoulder and half in their lane so that cars would stop driving on the shoulder past them.  They would wave their fingers at the cars trying to get by, indicating that they weren’t allowed to drive on the shoulder.  I swear, I’ve never wanted to tell a group of adults to grow the hell up!
  • No matter how many times I witness it, I will always be amazed how quickly something bad can happen, and how slow good things happen.  I’m sure I’ll expand on this when I get back but, suffice to say I will never understand how this works.
  • Why do contractors seem to care so little?  I had a guy in to fix 1 broken tile in my ensuite last week.  He managed to break 2 other tiles and a door stop.  He didn’t bring enough tiles the first day so, when he brought more the next day and put them in……..what do you know, they don’t even match.  They look similar but, they’re not the same.  Oh, and the ones he put in aren’t level, one of them is crooked and he left the bathroom filthy.  It looks like he didn’t clean up anything when he was done.  Can I just go back to my beautiful bathroom with 1 broken tile now?
  • Have you ever driven somewhere, realized you forgot something so you have to go back.  So you do.  Then you drove to where you were going again, only to realize that you forgot something else.  So you go back again.  Did I mention that the drive is 30 minutes each way?   Then you decide to go grocery shopping……what could go wrong, right?  Well, you spend a long time gathering up your groceries and just as you start towards the checkout line you hear a loud, annoying noise.  It’s the fire-alarm!  Then you hear some employee over the loudspeaker telling you that everyone has to leave the store and they can’t come back in until the fire department comes and checks the building.  Now that’s time well wasted.
  • Doesn’t it suck when you go to pay for something, you open your wallet to get your credit card out and all you see is an empty space where your credit card is supposed to be.  I know where I used it last, that would be at my house.  Unfortunately no matter how hard I look for it I can’t figure out where it is.  Only a week before I get my new one sent to me now…….which I’m sure will be the same day that I find the old one.
  • I bought a shed for my backyard, it was on sale and the price was alright.  What I didn’t count on, stupidly since I drive a car, was the delivery fee.  At first (well the first 10 times) when they rang it in the delivery cost was $999……..uhhmmmmm I’m sorry, what?  “Something must be wrong”, they said to me…….Gee do you think?  As it turns out their poorly designed system apparently accepts pretty much any combination of letters & numbers for your postal code.  For non-Canadians our postal code should go Letter Number Letter Number Letter Number.  Apparently they put Oh’s in instead of Zero’s.  Even I wouldn’t design something that allowed you to do that.  After getting passed that, delivery was still like $75!  Really, $75 to drive down the street?  Needless to say I ended up just renting a van for $30 and doing it myself.
  • I took my car in for regular service the other day.  I also needed to get the dreaded “Regularly scheduled maintenance” done as well.  I’m of the opinion that anything that is regularly scheduled while the car is under warranty should be free, that’s just my opinion though.  Of course it wasn’t free, more like $500 to be precise.  When I picked up my car and drove it back to work I could hear this ticking noise.  It was hard to tell if it was coming from my car or not, eventually I figured out that it was my car making the noise.  It was sort of like the noise your bicycle might make if you put a baseball card in the spokes.  I know I’m going back pretty far with that reference, but hey, I’m old school.  It never ceases to amaze me how taking a working car into the dealer inevitably results in getting a car back that has something wrong with it.  To their credit they did fix it when I brought it back, but still.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Please know that I do my best to laugh at all of these negative things, even when they are happening I’m pretty good at recognizing the humor in them.  I really don’t take any of them too seriously and I hope you won’t either.  Take care.


8 thoughts on “Gone Fishing!

  1. WOW! I thought you were kidding when you said… you know, what? I’m not even going to go there. Instead, I’ll just say this, “see you on the other side my friend. Be well.”

    Peace, love and all that good stuff JM. I’ll be thinking of you!


    1. Thank you Nadia 🙂

      No, I wasn’t kidding unfortunately, I wish I was though. Thank you for your kind words, it’s much appreciated.

      I was wondering when you didn’t reply whether perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten into it quite so much, it wasn’t exactly happy thoughts so….

      1. First of all, I would never NOT reply to you. But, if you think about it, there’s a reason why I don’t always reply to you as quickly as I might otherwise (get it?). Secondly, you can always write whatever you need too — I read it all –and I just repsonded. Your words were so sweet and heartfelt and if I wasn’t concerned about your privacy, I’d post it myself — it was a beautiful piece. But, I think in time, you’ll do your thing and write as you always do and as you just did: brilliantly!

        One love JM!

  2. Your points #4 and #5 seem to go together. Anyway, both of them are the story of my life.

    I make a point of listening closely to my intuition every time I leave my apartment. If I have a vague feeling that I’m missing something, there’s at least a 95% chance that I am missing something. So I’ll wait out there in the corridor until my brain finally gets around to letting me know what I forgot. Even if I’m running late.

    Mind you it took years to get this point of trust of intuition. And there are still some times when I ignore it, to my regret.

    1. You’re obviously one step ahead of me on that one. I’m horrible when it comes to forgetting stuff at home or the office. Although oddly I never lose things when I go out anywhere. 😉

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