The Big Snit

Okay, I can’t help myself.  I just wanted to make this as easy to see as possible since it is so hilarious.  Without further ado, here is The Big Snit.  Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “The Big Snit

  1. Ok I just watched this again. I had forgotten just how great it was. The guy wrote this must have been on drugs. I mean “Sawing for Teens”? Or the woman shaking her eyes? The cat with the man’s voice?

    I love it!!

  2. In case you missed my post on Kreativ Blogger awards, I have named you as a deserving recipient. See my post for details.

    1. Why thank you Roger!

      I saw the email for it (which only shows the first few lines) and I’m working my way there, I just haven’t gotten to read any blogs lately. I will make time today though.


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