Random Thought Thursday

I may move this to Tuesday at some point but, for now it’s Random Thought Thursday.  Just a bunch of things bouncing around in my brain that aren’t juicy enough for their own posts but, I still want to share them.  So without further ado, here we go.

  • How is it that I’ve never heard of, or seen a doggie kissing booth????  I feel lost after seeing that……there is so much in this world that I haven’t discovered yet…..(Courtesy of Dawn in Austin)
  • I watched “The Cove” the other day.  It’s an Oscar-winning documentary about Dolphins and, while difficult to watch at times, it is eye-opening to say the least.  I highly recommend it and fully support the message that it sends.  These guys are doing some great things in trying to get their message across and, they’re looking for your help.  You can also help by going to savejapandolphins.org.
  • What’s with birds and windows?  For the last week now I’ve woken up and gone downstairs only to see, and hear, a tiny little bird sitting by my patio doors pecking at the glass.  I’m tempted to just leave it open and let him come on in……….I wonder if he wants to meet my rabbit?
  • I follow Jim Carrey on Twitter and he is absolutely hilarious, probably more so in real life than in the movies but, I’m afraid he’s gone a little crazy……or should I say a little BOING!  Although I guess that’s part of what makes him so great.
  • I stumbled across a story about Bill SB1070, which if you didn’t know was a bill regarding US Immigration in Arizona.  With 460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona, there is clearly a problem.  The bill basically requires police to question people about their immigration status — including asking for identification — if they suspect someone is in the country illegally.  But, at the same time the bill supposedly prohibits the use of race or nationality as the sole basis for an immigration check.  Which leads to my question.  What in the world, if they aren’t going to use race or nationality, is the criteria for a cop to see someone on the street and think they are an illegal immigrant? This bill is ripe for misuse and abuse in my opinion.  I can’t imagine that this bill would stand up to any legal challenge, but then again, I couldn’t imagine that they would actually pass a bill like this either, so…
  • One of the girls that work across the hall from my office has quit smoking.  Good for her, I’m more than happy if she can kick the habit…….at the same time though, because literally the only time I see her is when we happen to be out for a smoke break and bump into each other, I’m a little disappointed that she’s quitting because I’m losing my favorite smoking buddy.  Of course I said all of the, “that’s so great” and “I’m so happy for you” to her, but I have to admit that inside I was a little sad…….and maybe hoping just a little that she relapsed.  Horrible, I know.  I’ve gotten to know more people from smoking out back of my office than I have from working at my office……probably by a 10 to 1 margin too.
  • If you like short, funny, animated films you have to check out the National Film Board of Canada’s website.  They have some great shorts, of course growing up in Canada I actually remember some of them when they were on TV.  Some of my favorites include The Big Snit, The Log Driver’s Waltz, The Cat Came Back and Black Fly.  CLASSICS!  I’m not sure if you can view them from outside Canada, I hope you can because they are hilarious.  Pure Canadian History right here!
  • I have a confession to make……..I play fantasy baseball.  Which, since fantasy sports are a multi-billion dollar industry, isn’t that shocking.  What’s weird is that I don’t actually watch baseball.  I used to, years ago.  Actually, I used to watch pretty much any sport they would put on TV.  I don’t think I’ve actually watched more than a few minutes of a baseball game in about 3 or 4 years.  Now, I still go to the occasional Blue Jays game, because seeing a baseball game live is something completely different.  I would explain the feeling, but others have done it so much better than I ever could.  There’s just something about being there!
  • I had to add this one after I published this post, one last random thought.  It’s official!  WordPress doesn’t like me.  Once again I didn’t get no stinkin video when I published this clearly super-awesome post.  I even tried a different browser this time since I was using Firefox last time when I didn’t get it.  Why oh why does WordPress disrespect me so…..

8 thoughts on “Random Thought Thursday

  1. Way to go fellow CANADIAN!!! I hope everyone reading your blog today takes a minute to go check out the National Film Board site. The Big Snit and The Cat Came Back are two of my favourite film shorts of all time. Especially The Big Snit (“I AM NOT SAWING THE FURNITURE!!!”)

    That Arizona bill is just the epitomy of laziness. It basically short-circuit’s the police and immigration departments’ need to actually use their investigative powers to flush out illegals.

    I see the same kind of laziness every day in business: one of the reasons the executives dislike people working from home is because they’re afraid their employees will “take advantage” of the privilege. Instead of managing them properly (whether in the office or off site), they would prefer that they work in their cubicles, where they can keep a closer eye on them. It’s dumb.

    Of course, some of us *ahem* have been known to drink wine and pass out while working from home but….that’s gotta be a minority, right?

    1. The Big Snit is my personal favorite……DON’T SHAKE YOUR EYES AT ME LADY!!!!! If you’re only going to watch one, that’s the one to watch.

      I’ve gotta say though, if I watch the Log Driver’s Waltz the song is stuck in my head for about a week…….maybe I should have a warning for that. Either way these short films are FANTASTIC!

      The Arizona bill is ridiculous, in my opinion, no question about it. As far as the, ahem, working from home thing goes……..I would imagine there is a minority of people who drink while in the office as well.


    1. I’m glad that you understand that in order to comment on American politics you have to be Canadian. I don’t know who made the rule, but there’s obviously no getting around it.

      Don’t worry though, when it’s time to talk about Canadian politics it will be your turn.


  2. Thanks for the linky love! This was my first pooch smooch, too! Although, I smooch my pooches every day. Right on the lips!

    I quit smoking three years ago. Good thing you weren’t around to draw me back. I must admit to being lonely inside when everyone goes out to smoke. *sigh*

    1. Your welcome Dawn. I am a huge dog lover so I’m amazed I’ve never seen that before.

      I promise if I was around I would have at least “acted” all supportive of your quitting, haha. I’m one of only 2 people in my office who smoke, so I’m usually lonely outside when I go out for a smoke.


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