So I’ve noticed that Wordress has a new setting that you can turn on.  It’s called “Surprise Me”, and as far as what it does…… far I really have no idea.  I haven’t been able to find any posts or anything detailing the surprises that are in store for me.  I’m crossing my fingers that their idea of a surprise isn’t to magically make my posts disappear or something.

I will say that I’ve noticed a few things so far.  For one, the Publish button on the Add New Post page is huge now.  Secondly, there is a new check box right above the Publish button that says “This post is super-awesome”.  I’m checking it for this post and we’ll see what happens…….maybe I will win a million dollars or something, I’d certainly be surprised then.  Frankly I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t checked by default, I mean, obviously all of my posts are super-awesome… a minimum!  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to deal with it.

The third thing I’ve noticed is that when I look at my stats, the chart at the top of the page now has a new tab called “Humanize”.  When selected it gives you things like “Today you have had 15 views” and “15 is the 4th discrete semiprime (3.5) and the first member of the (3.q) discrete semiprime family. It is thus the first odd discrete semiprime.” I mean, who doesn’t want to know that kind of stuff, right?

I can’t wait to see what I discover next!  I’ll update this post if I do manage to find anymore surprises.  If you want to know how to activate it, just leave a comment asking and I’ll be happy to help.  I could just post it here, but then you wouldn’t have to leave a comment!


13 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. I’ve had “Surprise Me” thing on for a few days now. So far, in addition to the things you’ve mentioned, I seen only one other thing: When I clicked Publish on my Do You Know Your Traffic Laws? post, a box popped up paying a funny “home video” of children playing and laughing!

    It was really cute, but it also really startled me because I’ve been having some problems with my PC. The box also provided a link to express what I thought.

    One note: There was no obvious way to exit from the pop-up, but it went away easily enough when I clicked outside of it.

    1. See, now I want to post again just so I can see that. I didn’t get anything like that for this post but, I wonder if I will see any of that stuff since I’m using Firefox with AdBlock Plus among other add-ons, which usually block things like that…..hmmmmm….

      1. I also use Firefox. I don’t know about your other add-ons, but thanks for reminding me about AdBlock Plus. I forgot to include in when I set my system back up after getting it back from the shop!

        Good luck! 😀

  2. I’m holding my breath. I hope your surprise isn’t something like a cold glass of water in your face. A nice toy or something would be cool, or maybe a temporary tatoo.

    1. I’m starting to get the impression that my surprise is……..that WordPress knows my post is not “super-awesome”, so even when I check that box I get nothing. Damn it, now I’ll actually have to create a super-awesome post. Hmmmmmmm

      PS: I would have settled for a nice temporary tattoo!

  3. I’ve got it turned on too. Once when I posted a blog it showed a video clip of a couple of football players tackling each other and the crowd was cheering. *shrug*

    I just saw the “this post is super-awesome” thing too. *checks fingernails* but that’s just redundant, isn’t it? *yawn*


  4. Wouldn’t it be better if there was a ‘this post is super-awesome’ button your visitors could click, which would increase your chances to have it show up on some public forum which could increase your hits… or something?

    I have had too many nasty surprises the last few weeks to risk any more. I shall refrain from asking to be surprised until my mother in law is safely back in South Africa.

    1. Yeah, asking the writer if his post is super-awesome is kind of like asking someone if they think they’re a good driver. I’m pretty sure I know the answer without having to ask the question.

      Haha, waiting till your mother-in-law goes home is probably a wise move.

  5. You know, I’m so glad you tell me these things because I really am clueless about all these wordpress things. I have to go check it out. Uhm, and I totally think your blog is super-awesome!


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