The mood was just right for love.

The lights were low, Barry White was playing off in the distance somewhere.

~ My darling I, can’t get enough of your love babe
Girl, I don’t know, I don’t know why
Can’t get enough of your love babe ~

The sweat was still dripping off of us, I swear it was the hottest 45 minutes of her life.  I know it was for me.  It didn’t even matter that we weren’t alone.  Nobody could see what we were doing anyway, not that I cared even if they could.  She was so hot.  It was like she was on fire!  I’m talking hot poker in the fireplace hot!  Smoking Hot!

She was new in town, believe it or not it was actually her first day here.  We were kind of thrown into this whole thing, it wasn’t really a choice.  It was more like destiny really.  Yeah.  That’s it.  We were destined to be together.  Maybe it was the Barry White, maybe it was the wine that got spilled all over us.  It’s hard to say, it all happened so fast.  And it was all so hot…….did I mention how hot it was?  Mmmmmmm, WOW!

~ Girl, if only I could make you see
And make you understand
Girl, your love for me is all I need
And more than I can stand ~

I was laying next to her now, snuggling up against her.  She felt so good pressed against me, it’s almost as though she was made for me.  And yet, she was different from the girls I normally hung out with.  I mean I didn’t get out a lot but, I did have company over all the time so I knew what I was doing with the ladies, if you know what I mean.  I don’t know what it was about her, she was sharper than any of the other girls.  When we were…..you know…..in the dark……let me tell you, the sparks really flew in there.

Thoughts of love and lust were running through my head as I snuggled up close to her, feeling every inch of her pressed against me.  Suddenly the door opened and the lights came on.  I swear you could see the steam escaping.  Then I heard it.

“Were you just spooning with a fork?”

I turned and looked at her in the light….damn it, he was right.  She was all fork……the rest of the cutlery was never going to let me live this down now.  What self-respecting spoon does…….that……..with a fork?

“No!  She just had a piece of food stuck to her!  I was just trying to scrape it off!”, I stammered.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!”, I could hear the other utensils chiming in now.

“Shut up!”, I screamed.

I couldn’t wait for someone to empty the dishwasher so I could go back to my drawer…


11 thoughts on “Spooning

    1. Okay, maybe I should have been more specific in my reply to Nadia…………what I meant was “Nadia” could stick to calling “the story” cute and funny, haha.


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