Friday 5 for April 16th

As always these questions come from Friday 5.  Apparently this weeks theme is faces?

1) How’s your poker face?

From years of playing poker I can safely say that my poker face is excellent!  And I can say that because you can’t see my poker face over the computer.

2) When were you last red-faced?

Oh that would be earlier this week when I changed some code that we use for one of our applications to make it more “streamlined”.  Unfortunately, my changes had an unexpected consequence of messing up some other code, which I wasn’t aware of until the other day.  At which point I had to send emails manually, they were supposed to be sent automatically, to 71 people rejecting them for jobs.  Wow did I feel stupid for screwing up the code, and I felt awful after rejecting all of those people…..that was not fun, especially rejecting the same person for 3 different positions in a span of about 5 minutes!  Nothing ruins a Monday like crushing 71 peoples hopes in under an hour!

3) When will it be time for you to face the music?

When I have to give my statement to lawyers in the next couple months.  I’ll leave it at that!

4) What’s an issue about which you’ve done an about-face?

When I switched careers because I wanted to do something where I got to use my brain more instead of just doing the same repetitive things day in and day out.  Who knew having to use your brain for things would be so stressful and difficult?

5) Who’s overdue for some face-time with you?

Oh god, anybody who knows me is probably overdue for some face time.  I’m sure it’s been a while with far too many friends.  Family I’m pretty decent at keeping in contact with, but friends…..not so much.


8 thoughts on “Friday 5 for April 16th

  1. Use 1) to avoid 2) when you do 3) and do 5) to help out with the stress of 4).

    This is a poorly coded response to all your issues. 8)

  2. Oddly enough your number 4 is the opposite to mine. Or maybe I’ve just added another layer.

    Started off in a repetitive work environment and like you switched gears to work in an IT environment where I got to access my left brain.

    Turns out, I’ve pretty much burned all enthusiasm for that and now need to cater to my right brain – which means music, writing and acting.

    Ok that’s too much info. But you get the idea. 🙂

    1. Yeah I get the idea. When I started out I enjoyed it but, now that I’m not really “feeling” it and don’t get a whole lot of satisfaction out of it I just find having to use my brain so much to be annoying.

      Now that I think about it, it’s not because I have to use my brain that bothers me, it’s just that I have to use it for something I don’t get satisfaction out of. I still think I did the right thing getting out of what I was doing before IT, I probably just picked the wrong thing to transition into…

    1. Aahhhhhhhh, is it that obvious? And yes, we do need some face time Nadia!

      @@          @@
           >            <
        O                0

      That’s the best I can do for now, but since you’re like family I know you’ll understand.

  3. oooh, I hope my husband wasn’t one of the ones on the rejection letter list! He’s been getting a lot of them, poor guy. I’m pretty sure he didn’t apply in Canada, as he knows I don’t do snow.

    1. Oh, don’t even say that Dawn! I think most of the jobs were in Houston. How bad would I feel then…..

      Hope he finds something soon, somewhere nice and warm for you.


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