Fish Sitting

I’m currently sitting at a million dollar house on the lakefront, enjoying the amazing view that it affords.  So why is it that I’m wishing I was somewhere else?  Well the person whose house I’m watching is currently on vacation in Hawaii…..lucky bugger.  While he is enjoying the sun and the sand, the incredible array of fish and marine life, I am feeding his fish.

Don’t get me wrong, the fish that I am fish sitting for are spectacular.  Well, as far as fish in a tank go.  There are the hermit crabs, blood shrimp, annenima,  and my favorite, the clown fish.  There is something about a clown fish which just makes you smile.  I have step by step instructions on how to feed them all, which seems strange to me because I mean, how complicated can it be to feed fish right?  Well, apparently it can be fairly complicated.  It seems to be about a half hour process so far, what with the cod that I have to hand feed to the annenima.  Yeah that’s right, I said I have to hand feed fish to these “fish”. Just thinking about doing it is strange.  It’s not easy either, if you’re not careful they’ll close up on you before they get any cod and then all the other fish will swim by and snatch it away from them.  Then of course there is the normal food that I feed them, and the veggie flakes…..I’m not sure if that means some of the fish are vegetarians……not that there’s anything wrong with that, more power to you I say.  Last but not least there is this red liquid that I have to squirt in there and frankly, I’ll be damned if I can remember who in this tank eats that stuff….or drinks it.  Can fish drink?  Hmmm, I wonder.

Of course all of that is just for the small little salt water tank that he has.  It’s beautiful but it pales in comparison to the sheer magnitude of the gigantic fresh water tank that I’ve been entrusted with.  This tank is…..well frankly I have no idea how many gallons of water it holds but, suffice to say that it is BIG.  And filled with about a hundred varieties of fish of every conceivable color and size.  It is a beautiful thing to see.  Feeding such a large group of fish is tricky, if they all ate the same thing it would be much simpler.  But of course they don’t, there is the majority that eat your average flake food, so I put in a healthy amount of that and watch them go crazy, eating it as fast as they can.  While I’ve distracted them with the food I pull out the frozen blood worms…..yeah that’s what I said, Blood Worms, MMMmmmm.  Or not so Mmmmm.  The three discuss fish…..well there is supposed to be three but, today when I was feeding them I could only find two, which can’t be good.  So, anyway, these discuss fish swim over to the one side of the tank expecting, waiting for the food they know is coming.  I drop it in and even as I do I can see some of the other fish were just playing possum, waiting for the good stuff to be put in the tank.  Now that I’ve dropped the blood worms in the tank they all converge on the right side, making a b-line straight for it.  Quickly I go to work, literally fighting the other fish off so that the poor discuss can eat.  I have to flick them away, swing at them to force them off of it and basically fight them off with a stick…..minus the stick of course…..although now that I think about it, perhaps a stick would make it easier?

It’s funny that a school of fish can be so unruly isn’t it?  I mean if kids were that unruly in school they would get detention, visit the principal’s office and maybe have a letter sent home to their parents.  Apparently the rules in this “school” have been a little too lax and discipline appears to be non-existant.  I’m thinking that will have to change or these poor discuss (god I hope the third one was just hiding in the weeds somewhere) are going to starve.  It really is every fish for himself in this tank, at least it seems that way from the outside.  Maybe it’s just my perspective though?

Day two of watching them consisted of both tanks being colder than they were supposed to be, which doesn’t surprise me because all instructions in regards to temperature consisted of what to do if the water got too hot.  Once I saw that I almost expected them to be too cold just so they could mock me for not knowing what to do.  Then day three had the missing fish and everyday has been a struggle to feed the discuss fish.  I can’t wait to see what day 4 holds for me, ha.

As for the house that I’m watching, it’s a little big for me.  I was told I could just stay there if I wanted to but, it’s a little overwhelming and I think for whatever reason, I prefer my more humble home.  It’s simpler and that suites me just fine.  I’m always worried that I’m going to set the alarm off, or, forget to set the alarm when I leave.  The house is a little on the high-tech side too, with heated floors in the bathrooms, an alarm that talks to you, wind turbines for energy,  and many other things that I try not to touch so as not to break them, ha.  I don’t even like using the light switches because I can never figure out which is the one I want.  In one of the bedrooms there are 7 light switches one the wall when you walk in.  I needed to turn the lights on to feed the fish so I started flicking the switches, one after the other after the other.  When I was done flicking all 7 I still didn’t have any lights on in the room and had absolutely no idea what any of the switches I’d touched did.  Which is why I wanted to really be sure I turned them all off, I mean in a house like this who knows what they may do.  The switch I wanted ended up being in another group of 4 on the wall opposite that one….how many freaking light switches do you need?

Well, time to go relax in the sun for a bit before it goes down.  I’ll probably leave before that happens so that I don’t need to turn anything on.  It’s probably safer that way.


9 thoughts on “Fish Sitting

  1. I loved this one! I could sit for hours and watch fish swim around…it is mesmerizing.

    The place sounds like a great lab to experiment with hi-tech in the home. I would be flipping switches everywhere…very carefully of course.

    Have you considered camping out there with low tech gear…so as to leave no footprints behind?

    I hope you don’t have to feed any piranhas. 8)

    1. No piranhas luckily, I may have had to draw the line there, ha.

      There’s something about all those switches, I mean they must do something right? And yet, 90% do absolutely nothing that I can notice…..which worries me even more when flipping them.

      Camping out with low tech gear may be the safe way to go, hahaha.

  2. That places sounds awesome! I’d be in heaven there, I think. Heated tiles! Switches! (Confess: it was the buttons and switches that first got you interested in technology, wasn’t it?)

    I would have camped out right there. In fact, once they got home, they would have had to throw me out.

    1. Oh I know you would be in heaven there wolfshades, hahaha. No question about it.

      Hmmmmmmm, I’ll have to think about what first got me interested in technology, that’s a good question…

  3. Wow! I’m like you, I prefer my humble little home. I have been to homes like this though where I’m confused by all the gadgets and switches and wonder if its all so necessary. The fish seem brilliant though…glad you’re enjoying it!

    1. Yes, I much prefer my simple home to all of that. It’s WAY more than I need and all these things to make it “easier” always end up being way more complicated than the original way ever was.

        1. Haha.

          I think you’re right about the high-end fish going with the high-end home. When I was asked to fish-sit I figured it would consist of putting some flakes in…..boy was I wrong. There’s flakes, veggie flakes, cod, red liquid, algae discs, blood worms….and probably something else I’m forgetting.

          These are Fish, right? I mean, really? Whatever happened to having a couple of fish in one of those little round fish bowls?

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