After an alarming, appalling, atrocious and altogether awful attempted axe attack, amazingly and astonishing all are alive and apparently alright. All available agents are attending, as are an advancing arial assault assembled after an ambiguous arrangement among all American allies.

Adiós, arivaderce and adieux.


6 thoughts on “A

  1. So slyly stated. Should such silly stuff stay somewhere so successfully seen?

    Si, Si, Senor.

    Salutations, Silly Sally.

  2. That was great! I recently had a contest in which they were to write just one sentence with words all beginning with the same letter. Some found it confusing, others difficult but you did a whole story! Awesome!

    1. Hi Dawn!

      I have to confess I saw your contest, unfortunately it wasn’t until you had picked your winners that I noticed it. I did add an attempt to your comments for it though…….I think I used “P”…….I’m pretty sure I did better on this one though, ha.

      So full credit to you for this, I may not have been thinking of your contest when I wrote this but, I’m sure it was one of the main reasons I attempted it.

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