Friday 5 for Mar. 19th

Once again, these questions were taken from Friday5.  This week is a little different, it’s about how you would respond to “small talk”.

1. “Come here often?”

Only when I’m here!

2. “What’s new?”

Well the dictionary defines it as ‘Having been made or come into being only a short time ago’……….oh………..ummmmm…… probably meant what’s new with me………didn’t you?

3. “[insert your recent weather condition here] enough for ya?”

Oh god, do we really have to talk about the weather….is there anything more cliche than people making small talk about what the weather is like?

[insert smart ass response here]

Well okay, yeah, I can see how talking about how cliche talking about the weather is could be more cliche than actually talking about the weather, but I think you’re sidestepping my point here.

4. “How’s it hangin?”

It drags on the ground sometimes but, I can’t complain.

5. “How ’bout them [insert local sports team here]?”

Yeah, if they keep winning like this, now that the pressure is off, they should be able to just miss the playoffs and ruin any chance of getting a good draft pick all at the same time.  Good job guys!  Way to win when it doesn’t matter!


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