He regretted it the first time he sat down, the moment he tried to express himself and felt that cold, unfriendly glare looking at him….as though staring right through his soul.  For years, before his friends convinced him that it was time to move on, they had been together and he was able to convey every thought that entered his mind and even some that he didn’t know were there; they just flowed naturally from him.  His feelings would just poor out of him, she never questioned him, never corrected his grammar or told him he was doing it wrong.  He realized now….now that it was too late, what he had, what he’d given up.  He thought this new relationship would work out in the beginning, as most people do, but despite the fact that she was younger, more worldly and more connected………it didn’t feel right, it felt like work.  He was afraid that he couldn’t go back, afraid that after everything it was too late; but he turned his new computer off and picked up his pen, taking solace in its familiar texture, removing the cap, and when he laid the tip to paper something magical happened.

This is something I wrote for Six Sentences, which can be found in the sidebar on the right under “Writing Tools”.


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