Accomplishments – Past, Present and Future

The idea for this came from reading the lists that Nadia Chyme created.  A great idea, I’ve certainly seen”Things to do before I die” lists or bucket lists before, but I really like the idea of keeping it in perspective by also including a list of what I’ve accomplished already.  The second list was especially difficult for me, mostly because I’m not very good at giving myself credit for things, as you may or may not know.

25 Things Still To Do:

  1. Get a hole-in-one
  2. Go sky diving already!  I want to see the world from a completely different perspective and feel the rush of the earth coming towards me
  3. Pay off my house
  4. Buy an electric car
  5. Have a few dogs and a few other animals
  6. Write a book
  7. Work with animals
  8. Have my dream-house  built, the one I designed when I as 17 and wanted to be an architect
  9. Go to Tahiti or Fiji……or both
  10. See at least 4 of the 7 wonders of the world
  11. Do something grand for someone who never asked for it, but can’t do it for themselves
  12. Go to an NFL game
  13. Visit every continent at least once
  14. Be confident in myself and get to understand myself better
  15. Play in the World Series of Poker
  16. Find a job where I can use my brain but be more creative, a job that I LOVE!
  17. Do something small for someone who needs and deserves it (x 1000)
  18. Quit smoking
  19. Have kids and watch them grow up
  20. Have a part in making someone else realize their dreams and receive only a thank you
  21. Take the time to sit back and really enjoy life, really appreciate it
  22. Write something that I think is good and can look back at and say, “I wrote that” with pride
  23. Fly an airplane or a helicopter
  24. Move to another country for a few years, a place where I’ve never met anyone
  25. Spend a few months driving across Canada and the US, as many places as I can see

25 Things I’ve Already Accomplished:

  1. Be the second person in my family to graduate high school
  2. Graduate College, and I use the term College loosely, but still
  3. Start a blog or two and be read by over 30,000 people in the first 6 months of one of them.  Obviously not this one 😉
  4. Find a job where I get to use my brain…..after a few years now, I’m wondering what I was thinking…..oh that’s, right I wasn’t
  5. Buy my first home without needing to borrow money from anyone I know
  6. Buy a fuel-efficient car, when everyone I know was buying gas guzzling, high horsepower, over-sized monstrosities for no reason other than they are cool
  7. Find love with a girl who is sweet and kind
  8. Travel somewhere exotic (Small country in South America & the Bahamas)
  9. Give more money away than I spend for a few months
  10. Drive across Canada to Nova Scotia and it was amazing, the people, the scenery…..especially the people
  11. Learn how to cook, bake, etc……..really well if I do say so.  I guess I found something that even I think I’m good at 🙂
  12. Take a new company that’s expected to fail and turn it into a Million dollar a year success in less than 5 years. Then leave, and sadly, watch it go under in even less time
  13. Be able to give my Dad a large sum of money when he really needed it and then tell him I don’t want him to pay me back
  14. Go camping at Algonquin Park, in the middle of nowhere and get less than 10 feet away from a wolf as it circles my tent.  Just me and him….it was exhilarating
  15. Get engaged to a wonderful and beautiful girl
  16. Spend 6 weeks in a (basically) third world country without having anything….not on purpose but they lost my luggage……and enjoy every minute of it
  17. Turn down a job that pays way more money because I know I wouldn’t enjoy it
  18. See how the much less fortunate live first hand, and never forget what it’s like
  19. Spend 1 year of high school actually showing up and sort of trying…..and got on the honor-roll
  20. Discovered I was “gifted” when I was in grade 6 and got to go to “Enrichment” for a few years, where all we did all day was play games and solve puzzles.  I’m very good at puzzles now!
  21. Read “Insomnia” and had insomnia the whole time I read it, I finished it as fast as I could
  22. Tutored kids in high school
  23. Mentored teenage kids at my job for years, trying (somewhat effectively) to lead them away from the drugs and binge drinking that so many were doing
  24. Get arrested for something I didn’t do, to help someone else who needed to not be arrested more than me
  25. Stand up for myself when I know I should, be me no matter who doesn’t like it or what they say

Okay, that actually made me feel really good about myself, realizing some of the stuff that I’d forgotten doing.  It was difficult, especially coming up with 25 accomplishments that I’ve already done but, very gratifying.  Now, I just have to convince myself to go skydiving…


8 thoughts on “Accomplishments – Past, Present and Future

  1. Hmm. That’s an interesting exercise, and I would love to see you blog about #24 on your “already done” list.

    I’ve been skydiving. It’s awesome and I can’t wait to do it again.

    1. It’s funny that with all the wonderful and uplifting stuff on these lists, that the one people want to hear more about is the one where I get arrested…

      I HAVE to go skydiving, I think I’ve convinced myself of that now. I wish I had someone I knew who actually wanted to go as well though, because I think it’d be easier to actually go out and do it that way.

  2. WOW! What great lists! Uhm, I’d like to hear more about #24 as well…and, I’d like to hit you upside the head for continuing to smoke..but, I love that it’s on your list to try and stop….so, I’ll send you a little hug instead! 😉


    1. #24 is really much more intriguing as a mystery, I think. All those questions, what did he get arrested for, why did he take the blame, etc. I fear actually telling the story may be, while an act of friendship and kindness by me, a bit of a let down compared to the suspense of not knowing.

      I’m starting to wonder about this violent streak you seem to have towards me Nadia. Please let me know if you come to Canada so I can be prepared to defend myself. I do want to quit smoking…..not today but, at some point soon. And I appreciate you opting for the hug instead, a wise choice. 😉

      Always a pleasure Nadia.

  3. Yes indeed, it is a fine couple of lists. I think I will print out all of the lists on all of the blog posts, and do the one’s I haven’t done…except the skydiving.

    I did do a 200 foot tower parachute jump twice. Once to do it and the second time to prove to myself I could do it again. I never will go for number three though.

    I also did a #24, except it was for something I did do.

    1. No third time for you, eh Roger?

      If we’re talking about getting arrested for something you actually did, then I could have put that on the list a few times I guess…

      Thanks for reading Roger, and I hope you do print them all out and knock off the ones you haven’t done yet.

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