“The Truth”

The drops of water raced down the side of the glass, each trying to be the first to escape before it happened again. Only one made it before his chubby hand clumsily, or rather, drunkenly, grabbed at the perspiring glass. Too late for the rest, as he aimed his glass in the general vicinity of his lips, somehow managing to find them on the third stab at it. He downed the rest of his whiskey, “Hhhooooooohhhh” escaped from his throat, making its way out as the booze made its way in.

“MmmHhhmmm. Charlie, you ain’t gonna belief wut I did ….. Ummmm …. yesterday”, he said to me. I tried my best to ignore him, pretend I thought he was talking to someone else. I knew better but, I tried to ignore him none the less. “Ch..Ch….Charlie, you listning to me Charlie? If a guy can’t tell this shhit to….to his…his best friend…”, just then the bartender walked by and the drunk shouted, “What’s a guy gotta do ta get nother drink round here!”

I ran my fingers over my pint, feeling the cold and wet glass in my hand, enjoying the peace but knowing that it wouldn’t last any longer than his next drink. Once he had his sweaty paws on another whiskey he quickly downed half of it. Looking at his hands I began to wonder if the liquid running down the glass was from the drink perspiring or from his hands. It had a certain chicken or the egg feel about it.  “What was we talkin bout gan Charlie?  Oh yeah, I’s tellin you bout what I did….umm… Tuesday.  I was in ere yesterday an dis stupid, no good asshole es callin me a drunk….he es callin me a drunk; you believe at Charlie?  So I put em in is place, I shut im up good…..uhh……uhhmmm….Charlie.  He thought…….e thought I left….but I tricked im, I tricked im good.  I waited…I waited till e went to the crapper…..I waited n then I poured dis stuff in his drink.  I poured it right in is drink Charlie.  Dumb fuck didn’t have no idear I did it either, ha.”

I twirled my pint on the bar, aided by the perspiration coming off the glass.  While I was twirling, staring into my beer, thinking about what he was saying he started fumbling around in his pockets, trying to pull something out.  Eventually he managed to pull out this little bottle, this tiny little bottle and set it on the bar.  GHB, that’s what it said on the label.  “This dumb fuck ……. e didn’t know what it em…..who’s the dumb ass now, huh.  Ha, stupid fuck, eh Charlie.”

“That’s pretty fucking funny man”, I said chuckling now, “What a dumb ass, eh?”  He downed the last of his drink and slammed the empty glass onto the bar.  “Let me buy you a beer, that story deserves a beer don’t you think?”, I asked him, “that is too funny”.  “Sure why the hell not, I wish I coulda stuck around to see the look on that suckers face, ha haaa.  I put enough in his beer to knock out an elephant.”

“Damn bartenders never around when you need em, eh?  Here, you take mine man, I ain’t even started it yet, trying to quit you know?  I gotta get going anyway, got some running around to do”, I explained.  “Thanks……thanks……Charlie”, he managed to get out, grabbing the beer as I slid it over to him leaving a trail of perspiration across the bar.  “Bottoms up!”, he said as I stood up and headed for the door.  I could see him chugging the beer, spilling some as he tilted the glass too high.  Then I heard the pint slammed down onto the bar, quickly followed by the bartender shouting out to me, “Drive safe Phil! See you next Tuesday.”

As I swung the door open I heard a loud thud as the dumb ass fell over backwards on his stool, passed out before he even hit the ground.  “Later”, I shouted back at the bartender.

~ This story was written under the following guidelines. A drunk man sits next to you in a bar, thinks you’re his buddy and starts confessing “the truth”.  Write about what “the truth” is.


5 thoughts on ““The Truth”

    1. I got those guidelines from somebody else, I wouldn’t be that mean to myself……although I guess I would since I made myself write it. Yeah……I don’t know. I liked where it started but I think I lost track of it along the way trying to come up with what he was going to confess……I’m not sure how “believable” it was really.

      Nice to hear from you again, even if you are being overly kind about this one I think.

      1. Overly kind? No, I looked at the criteria/guidlines and realized I couldn’t do it. I’m still thinking about it. So, to me, it’s pretty briliant. Even moreso that you got it from someone else. It’s a good exercise. But I’m not great at writing that way, however, I know it’s good to stretch that muscle a bit….

        1. I thought of a dozen ways to do it, but most, to me anyway, seemed safe and predictable. I actually thought it sounded pretty simple before I actually sat there and tried to think about what “The Truth” was going to be.

          It’s so nice to have you back Nadia 🙂

          1. You’re funny. I don’t leave for that long. I just can’t blog every day. So, once a week for sure, maybe twice if I can swing it. But I love that you miss me…it’s so sweet! 🙂

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