It was the last straw,

the camel had drawn the line;

It’s ochre fading,

it met the gravel,

like so much crumpled paper,

crash…down to the ground.

~ Just Me

This is my attempted Haiku, something I don’t believe I’ve ever done before.  It was constructed under the terms that I had to include these words: straw, crash, crumpled paper, gravel and ochre; which I had to look up to see what it was 😉 , and I’m still not entirely sure about the best way to use it, lol .  This comes from a site I found on creative writing prompts #122.

I figured that if I’m ever going to improve my writing, and I do want to;  Then I need to make myself feel a little……awkward; get out of my comfort zone if you will.  While this particular piece wasn’t completely a far cry from my usual, each post I do that is different will help me to grow I believe.

Onward and upward, or something like that…


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