Optimistic Philosopher?

A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds, and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides, and shrugs; an optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all – he’s walking on them.

~ Leonard Louis Levinson

I guess that would make me a philosopher.

Which explains why I never really felt like a pessimist or an optimist I guess.  Sure, sometimes I feel like one or the other but, most of the time I can see both sides of the situation and realize that they are both being blind that which they don’t want to see.  Although I guess I do lean a bit toward the optimist side, mostly because I’d like to believe that everything is sunshine and lollipops, even when I know it’s usually not.

Well that cleared up a lot didn’t it?


7 thoughts on “Optimistic Philosopher?

  1. It certainly did clear up a lot.

    I used to feel exactly that way…until I retired…now it is just blind optimism for me. Of course, that is by decision…the older I get the more reasons I have for being physically pessimistic.

    There, I helped clear up a lot more. 8)

    By the way, I will be off to the library today to check out a couple of Tom Robbins books.

      1. I did not find “Jitterbug Perfume” but I did find Even Cowgirls get the Blues” and another one I had never heard of before. It is “Villa Incognito.”

        1. Ahhhh too bad about Jitterbug, that is easily my favorite. Cowgirls was actually made into a movie, although I’ve never seen it; the movies never seem to be as good as the books. Villa Incognito is an interesting (to say the least) read, I’m sure you will enjoy that one. Happy reading Roger.

    1. Yeah I get the impression that you do a pretty good job at seeing the bright side of things, that much I can see.

      And I knew as soon as I wrote the “blind” comment that I would be reading about it in the comments, lol.

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