He’d been waiting for what seemed like ages.

Always keeping an ear out for the door.

He thought he’d heard it once when he was eating the dinner that Claire had made for him.  Made before she walked out the door.  Not that he had any kind of appetite, how could anyone eat at a time like this.  This couldn’t be happening to him.  She wouldn’t abandon him would she, just walk out on him, leave him to fend for himself?

The nerve of Claire just sneaking out on him, without so much as a word.  Who did she think she was, did she think she could just ignore him?  Pretend his feelings didn’t matter?  He would show her when she got back!

If she came back…

What was he saying.  If she came back he would he would promise to do whatever she wanted him to….he would do whatever it took.  He could change….he would change.  No more lying around watching her clean up the house, do all the work.

Who was he kidding.

She wasn’t coming back, not with the way he behaved this morning.  I mean she was pretty angry with him about tracking mud all over the living room.  It wasn’t just that though, the mud was just the straw that broke the camels back.  He couldn’t believe how foolish he’d been.  He threw it all away and for what.  How could he go on without her?

He couldn’t…

He would have to though.  She was gone and it was time for him to start taking care of himself.  He would find a way, find the strength to go on and deal with Claire walking out on him.  She was gone….the hours had dragged on into days, at least it felt like days.  Either way she obviously wasn’t coming back.

He walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch.  It had been an exhausting day, and he was drained.  Just as his face touched the soft, cushioning comfort of the pillow he heard the front door knob jiggling.  He jumped off of the couch and quickly made his way to the front door.  Just as he got to the front hall, the door opened and there was Claire!

She came back…

“Alright Charlie” she said calmly as she set the mail down, just then he remembered…..she’d gone to get the mail from around the corner.

Claire’s face got that glow about it;  he loved that glow.  “Are you ready to go for your walk Charlie?” she said sweetly as she crouched down to rub his head.  His tail was now wagging uncontrollably.  She was home.

Time is always relative.


4 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. Doggy named Charlie? That’s GREAT! Nice idea too! I was waiting for wifey or girlfriend to get home and yell at her husband. Nice little twist there, keeping me holding on..and then the sweet surprise! Yay!

    1. Now I know you’re just being nice, lol.

      I don’t know, I had a couple different versions but none of them were exactly what I was looking for. I’m just getting warmed up though 🙂

      Thank you again for the kind words Nadia.

  2. Ok that’s it. You’ve hooked me. Creative writing like this just deserves a whole bunch of subscribers.

    This was so well done! (Couldn’t help grinning at the visual of Charlie) 🙂

    1. That’s so nice of you. I’ve been reading some of your blog and it’s great. I’m following your dating story and I was gonna suggest there must be another way to get a hold of the girl….until you removed that post and posted the one where you do find her (on the first knock too, what are the odds?).

      Again thanks for the kind words and stick around, it should only get better 🙂

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