All About Animals

As you may or may not know I am all about the animals.  I have a 40 minute drive home from work and the minute I see a Cormorant or a Gaggle of Geese fly by (just the names of groups of animals is enough to make me smile; like a Murder of Crows), it puts a smile on my face.  I have a special place for cute little mammals, probably because I have a cute little rabbit (okay, not so “little”).

That along with the fact that I constantly feel the need to change/add to things, my blog especially, has led me to add some pics to the sidebars here.  I also feel the need to add things to my posts, usually right after I’ve clicked the “Publish” button, which I should probably do my best to avoid since they’ve usually been viewed a few times before I manage to update it (This is another obsessive compulsive thing that will be a post of its own at some point).  Okay, back to my point (I also have a problem with that….never mind…back to the point). Where was I….oh yes, I’ve added some adorable animals to my side bars so please check them out.  It’s okay you can check them out now, I’ll wait.


Okay, enough ogling the animals now.  I have always been one to donate to charity and since I feel such a bond to animals I’ve added some click-able pics for endangered species here in Canada.  Please check them out even if you don’t plan to donate, if only to learn about them.  I know they will appreciate the gesture even more than I will.

I just thought I’d mention that right after I publish this I’m going to do my best not to update it……but I offer no guarantees on that.


2 thoughts on “All About Animals

  1. Thanks for the pics! They are so cute! Honestly, I’ve always been a little afraid of animals. Not dogs or cats, but what I would consider wild animals. I saw a deer once and I think I was more afraid of it than the other way around… but I have much respect for animals. Sweet reminder. Thanks.

    1. I have been up close and personal with so many animals that even the big ones don’t scare me much now. I went camping once and had a wolf walk about 10 feet away from me just after I put our campfire out, he was eying me as he circled our campsite. That was a little freaky, and it made it a little tough to try to go to bed after that.

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