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I don’t think WordPress should let you look at your blog stats for the first X number of days.  As much as I try not to, I find myself clicking the innocent looking link every once in a while only to be met by that big, fat Zero.  It doesn’t give you a warm fuzzy feeling to see that, let me tell you.  I have another blog that has had tens of thousands of visitors in a very short time, which has no doubt spoiled me, but I think 10 readers on this blog would make me feel about the same as 1000 on my other blog.

On a side note, I’ve realized that I have so much less patience than I used to.  I think it’s a result of using the internet too much.  That ability to find anything instantly no matter how obscure.  I used to be so patient…..but i’m afraid I’m only kidding myself if I think that I’m as patient as I once was.

Oh well, time to go check my stats…..well maybe I’ll wait a little while longer……if I can.


9 thoughts on “Blog Stats

  1. Hahahaha! That was GREAT! I’m giggling so hard cuz I didn’t notice there were stats (such goofy newbie to the whole blog world!). Now, I’m not sure if I should be glad that you told me or not… Hmmm.. but you know, I’m off in search of it! Ha!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting Nadia. Yeah stats can be great but they can also be a cruel cruel thing.

    Thanks to you mine no longer has a big fat zero next to it though so I’m very appreciative. 🙂

      1. I’m glad to hear that, although there isn’t much to read as of yet.

        I’m still trying to figure out how the whole comments thing works. I’ve discovered that I should actually click “Reply” to a comment to reply to it, instead of just putting my comment in the box that’s there, lol. Who would have thought.

        1. I made the same “mistake”… but I think that’s what this is all about. I’m still trying to figure out why I can’t get my blavatar to show up on comments. Oh well. The pinkish square is cool too I do suppose…

          1. Not that there is anything wrong with the pinkish square, 🙂 , but if for some reason you do wish to change it to something more personal, I may be able to help with that.

            It’s fairly simple actually. You go to your wordpress dashboard, then select Users from the menu on the left. This will give you a couple options and the one you want is “Your Profile”. Once you click that, on the right hand side is a spot to “Change Your Gravatar”. If you click that you can pick an image to use.

            I hope that helps, and again, the pinkish square is lovely so only change it if you want to 🙂

            1. Thank you. But, then what is the purpose of a “blavatar”? I see what you’re talking about “Gravatar” which is a global picture to follow you wherever you go, so I thought the blavatar is just for wordpress? I’m not sure I want a GLOBAL avatar to follow me everywhere to other sites like newsights and the like. I appreciate the help. I’m still a little confused (honestly though, it doesn’t take much). Ha! Sweet night! ~N.

              1. Don’t worry it doesn’t take much for me to be confused either, lol. I’ve been studying for an exam all day, so I’ve basically been feeling confused since I got up this morning.

                The Blavatar, if I’m not mistaken is what shows up in a couple of different places. One place is in the tab on the browser when someone visits your blog, assuming you are using a browser that has tabs (most do now). Another place is in the address bar of the browser when someone visits your blog (next to the

                For example I don’t have a Blavatar, so I don’t have an image next to my address in the browser but, if I go to your site I see your feet next to your blogs address. Nice feet they are by the way, lol.

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